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Are you looking for a convenient, energy efficient system that provides comfortable, controllable heating in winter, summer cooling and air purification year round? 
Are you worried about the continuing price rise of electricity, the uncertainty of long-term gas supply or clean air regulations curbing the use of combustible heating sources?
The answer lies in reverse cycle air conditioning by Mitsubishi Electric.
Relax in comfort from burning summer days or freezing cold nights with up to three times the energy efficiency of conventional heating appliances. Mitsubishi Electric cuts your heating costs, and your budget.
Our extensive feature rich range ensures there is a model to meet your needs, whilst our contemporary styling will compliment any interior. All this with the whisper quietness you have come to expect from Mitsubishi Electric.
Everyone deserves a home where you feel just how you want to feel all year round and we are pleased to make it possible.
System Applications: What type of unit is best suited for your environment
Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps / Air Conditioners are manufactured with various indoor unit options. High Wall Type, Ceiling Cassette Type, Floor Mounted Type, Concealed Ducted Type, and Under Ceiling Type.
Each type of indoor unit has features and advantages depending on your own particular application.
High Wall-mounted
Compact Floor Console
Ceiling Cassette
Ceiling Concealed (Ducted)
Ceiling Suspended
The most popular residential unit choice. This unit offers extremely quiet operation, making it the quietest in the industry as well as taking up no floor space.
The floor mounted are more designed for heating applications. They are ideal for space heater or gas fire/fireplace replacement. They can be recess mounted into the wall cavity giving a shallow profile for hallway installation.
The ceiling mounted units take up no floor space. These units have four way air direction and have adjustable air flow patterns. These units are more suited to larger floor areas.
These units are mounted in the ceiling space and are unseen in the conditioned space. The only visible presence is the supply and return air grilles.
These units are more suited to high stud large room areas. They tend to have high airflows and are more suited to commercial applications.
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