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Quality Control
Health & Safety
Please click on the opposite links for all our documantation from training to Insuranes. We are fully trained,protected & qualified for any & every eventuality. Code of Ethics This Code is based on the following basic assumptions: - Ethics among shareholders, owners, directors and management are a necessary element for companies in the 21st century to adequately meet their objectives, to the degree that Ethics are a key requisite in guaranteeing and balancing the rights and interests of all stakeholders involved: employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers and business partners and the society at large. - Ethics presuppose rigorous compliance in and by the company with applicable legislation, as well as with the Articles of Incorporation and Regulations for internal operations, where they exist. - Ethics within the company require that shareholders and owners become guarantors of compliance in respect of obligations for directors and management. -The Board of Directors is responsible for drawing up the Code of Ethics for the company and the General Shareholders’ Meeting for approving that Code. Should, however, the Board also proceed with approval, that decision must be ratified by the Shareholders’ Meeting.
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